City of Fairbanks

Fairbanks Stormwater Laws & Regulations

Within the Fairbanks Urbanized Area, the City of Fairbanks operates their portion of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) under Fairbanks Ordinance no. 6038, Code of Ordinances City of Fairbanks Section 82-30, and APDES Permit no. AKS-053406. The City of Fairbanks has jurisdiction over privately funded projects within the urbanized area of the Fairbanks city limits. The city’s MS4 permit requires Fairbanks to administer and enforce compliance with stormwater discharge permits in an effort to decrease stormwater pollutants and increase overall water quality.

The City of Fairbanks submittal requirements include a Permanent Storm Water Control Plan (PSWCP), a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), and a copy of the ADEC Notice of Intent (NOI) for privately funded projects encompassing 1 or more acres of land. For privately funded projects encompassing 10,000 square feet to 1 acre, only an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) is required for submittal.

EXCERPT-Fairbanks & North Pole Storm Water Management Program Guide

2.2 City of Fairbanks

A detailed map of the urbanized area of Fairbanks is included as Figure 2 on Page 17. The project submittals listed above are included as line items on the City of Fairbanks Building Department Residential and Commercial Building Permit Applications, and shall be submitted through the Building Department. The City of Fairbanks will review each PSWCP, ESCP, and SWPPP submittal to determine their conformance with the provisions of the ordinances. Within seven business days after receiving the project submittal(s), the City of Fairbanks will, in writing: a. Issue a Letter of Non-objection to the PSWCP, ESCP, and/or SWPPP; b. Issue a Letter of Non-objection to the PSWCP, ESCP, and/or SWPPP subject to such reasonable conditions as may be necessary to secure substantially the objectives of the ordinances, and issue the permit subject to these conditions; or c. Disapprove the PSWCP, ESCP, and/or SWPPP, indicating the reason(s) and procedure for submitting a revised application and/or submission. For construction activity that will result in a ground disturbance of greater than or equal to one acre, the City of Fairbanks will inspect each construction site at least once per year. A copy of the Program Guide April 2017, 3rd Edition 15 latest plan review and inspection fee schedule is available through the Building Department

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