City of Fort Smith

Excerpt from Municipal Code

Sec. 27-506. - Stormwater Management.

Purpose: The purpose of this section is to establish stormwater management level of service standards and criteria for conventional and engineered stormwater management systems.

27-506-1 Applicability. No storm drainage facility, whether an enclosed structure, pipe, or an open channel, ditch or stream, shall be constructed, altered, or reconstructed within a subdivision, planned development, or a developed area, within a public right-of-way or easement, or discharge into, upon, or under a public right-of-way or easement, or a subdivision or planned development or developed area within the planning jurisdiction of the City of Fort Smith, without first obtaining written approval from the department of engineering.

27-506-2 General design requirements. Stormwater management systems shall comply with the City of Fort Smith Storm Drainage Standards.

(Ord. No. 70-11, § 2, 9-6-11)

27-506-3 Erosion control. Erosion control measures shall be provided which are consistent with the requirements of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

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