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Annual BMP Maintenance Report

"To ensure that the maintenance of privately owned stormwater management facilities is conducted per the BMP Maintenance Agreement and the Stormwater Management Facilities Report (SWMFR), MSD requires that an Annual BMP Maintenance Report is submitted to the District for all commercial and residential homeowner association maintained facilities. The Annual Report should provide documentation that maintenance was performed in accordance with the Stormwater Management Facilities Report submitted to and approved by MSD for the development project. An MSD inspector will also periodically inspect the BMP.

The Annual Report should consist of a completed inspection checklist and/or maintenance log, narrative description of corrective action measures taken, photographs, and any other documentation appropriate for demonstrating compliance with the BMP Maintenance Agreement and your SWMFR. In the Annual Report, also provide the current property owner’s name, address, phone, and other relevant contact information.

For consistency and for your convenience, MSD has developed an Annual BMP Maintenance Report Form and BMP Inspection Checklists. The report form and the inspection checklists are not mandatory for use by BMP owners, and are being provided as templates to ensure compliance with minimal maintenance requirements. Links to both can be found be on this page. Use of the inspection checklists provided here, will not exempt BMP owners from design and maintenance requirements specified in the SWMFR. If the system in place is a proprietary system, please contact the manufacturer for the inspection checklist for the specific system. MSD does not have a preferred BMP vendor list for BMP inspections, maintenance and/or annual reporting.

To avoid compliance enforcement actions, the Annual BMP Maintenance Report should be submitted no later than March 31st of the year following the reporting year.

The Annual Report should be submitted to:

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Division of Environmental Compliance
c/o Phase II Stormwater Management Program
10 E. Grand Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63147


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