Stormwater Management

With increased land development and growing environmental concerns, stormwater management has evolved significantly over the last several decades. AQUALIS specializes in stormwater management, and we’re the leading choice for comprehensive solutions and services designed to limit the damaging effects of stormwater runoff.

Responsible + Reliable Stormwater Solutions

As a property owner or manager, you’re legally responsible for ensuring that your property’s stormwater facilities are properly maintained and function as designed. But knowing exactly how to stay compliant with the various requirements, rules, and regulations at federal, state, and local levels can be a challenge. With our comprehensive post-construction stormwater management solutions, we work with you to provide the right solutions and technical expertise to meet regulations — and do what’s best for your business.

Through inspection, maintenance, repairs, and consulting, we can help you:

  • Safeguard your investments
  • Comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
  • Protect the environment and your downstream neighbors
  • Improve the appearance of your property
  • Save money
  • Community

SCM + BMP Systems

Stormwater control measures (SCM) — sometimes referred to as stormwater best management practices (BMP) — serve a variety of purposes. From maintaining or improving on a property’s pre-development water quality and quantity conditions, to promoting groundwater recharge and reducing downstream flooding and erosion, to purely aesthetic considerations, every system is individually engineered to provide optimal performance for the needs of the site or watershed.

A wide variety of solutions can be implemented to meet the needs of your site, and our expertise encompasses all of the most common and current practices for aboveground and underground systems.

Bioretention Cells

Engineered systems designed to assist in pollutant removal by filtering solids and promoting nutrient uptake through the use of engineered media

Sand Filters

System designed to filter solids, oils, and debris suspended in stormwater through a sand medium

Constructed Wetlands

Vegetated system of beneficial plants designed to retain water, provide extra capacity for rain events, and increase nutrient removal

Wet Detention Basins (Retention Ponds)

Vegetated system designed to hold a permanent volume of water at all times with extra capacity for rain events

Dry Detention Basins (Detention Ponds)

Vegetated system designed to hold temporary volumes of water during and following a rain event

Grassed Swales

Vegetated system designed with specific water quality and quantity aspects to channel runoff while promoting infiltration

Infiltration Basins

Vegetated system designed with highly permeable soils that facilitate infiltration and groundwater recharge

Permeable/Pervious Pavement

Surface treatment installed in place of asphalt or concrete paving to allow stormwater infiltration and reduce surface runoff

Level Spreaders

Devices installed at pipe or channel outfalls that convert high-velocity channelized flow into diffused sheet flow for infiltration and removal of particulate pollutants

Manufactured Underground Systems

System often retrofitted into storm sewers with storage and pollutant removal capabilities where aboveground SCM may be costly or unviable

Stormwater Management 101

Find out more about what it takes to manage your stormwater with this educational and informative whitepaper.



AQUALIS’ Chief Development Officer Erin Zaske recently spoke about how to prepare stormwater systems for hurricanes and other major storms on the Words on Water podcast. Words on Water is a podcast all about the water sector, presented by the Water Environment Federation, a not-for profit technical and education organization dedicated to protecting public health […]

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