Stormwater Corporate Responsibility

The AQUALIS team is passionate about protecting the environment, through stormwater management and more. It's our business — and our responsibility.

Business Responsibility

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped businesses preserve and protect the environment through effective stormwater control management (SCM) and best management practice (BMP) solutions that control runoff, promote infiltration, and ensure the quality and quantity of water are close or equal to the pre-development conditions of the site.

1,050+ TONS
Amount of trash we remove from
the environment each year

Stormwater maintenance site visits
we made each year

Regulatory reports
we handle each year

Community Responsibility

AQUALIS also cares about using our stormwater management expertise to improve the environment beyond maintaining water quality and quantity. Increased development not only impacts stormwater, but it has also put bee and butterfly populations, as well as other pollinator species, at risk of extinction. These pollinators are essential to the survival of more than two-thirds of food crops globally and contribute approximately $15 billion per year to the U.S. economy.

Through our Root for Nature program, we work with our clients to repurpose portions of their stormwater basins to create pollinator gardens. By planting local flowers and vegetation, these gardens provide safe habitats for these invaluable species that can help them thrive. We also work to educate people in the communities where we work on the risk to bees and butterflies, and encourage them to plant pollinator gardens of their own.

Learn more about the Root for Nature program here.

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