Stormwater System Repairs

Without regular inspection and maintenance, stormwater systems can fall into disrepair. Even with routine care, factors like age, accidents, or defects can result in a system that fails to function as intended. Whatever the cause, it’s essential to correct the system and return performance to the original design parameters in order to pass annual inspections and avoid environmental harm. Oftentimes systems require more than a small scale restoration. When this occurs a more extensive rehabilitation of the system would be required. Knowing the difference between a restoration and a rehabilitation requires knowledge, skill, and precision.

AQUALIS has the experience and expertise required to provide repair services that ensure proper function for aboveground and underground SCMs (BMPs).


Restoration + Rehabilitation

When an SCM system has been damaged, regulations require that the property owner restore the system to its original design. These corrective actions can fall into two categories: restoration and rehabilitation.

Restoration includes small-scale rehabs required to address operational problems, which can include anything from treatment of invasive plants to stabilization of eroded soils. While these repairs may seem minimal, they typically require licensing and extensive knowledge to ensure that the problem is effectively addressed.

Rehabilitation is larger in scale, including extensive maintenance and major improvements to address failures within stormwater management systems. These actions may necessitate engineering and construction plans that require review and approval, as well as specialized equipment, construction permits, and more.


System Failures Requiring Rehabilitation

Common Aboveground SCM Failures

  • Slope erosion + poor vegetative cover
  • Excessive overgrowth
  • Scour or blowout at inlets
  • Sediment accumulation
  • Clogged media
  • Compromised dams
  • Pipe displacement + sinkholes
  • Pipe failure

Common Underground SCM Failures

  • Damaged inlets or manholes
  • Sinking inlets or manholes
  • Damaged or failed pipe
  • Sinkholes
  • Excessive sediment, trash, or debris
  • Clogged filters

Systems We Rehabilitate

Catch basins


Sand filters

Infiltration trenches

Green roofs

Detention/retention ponds




Drainage channels/pipes


Engineered BMPs


Storm pipes

Bioretention cells

Rain gardens

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We can restore or rehabilitate your system to optimal performance.