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    Industrial Vacuuming & Jetting Services

    An important aspect of proper stormwater maintenance is making sure the system is clean and functioning at its intended capacity. Cleaning the system through industrial vacuuming or high-pressure jetting is an effective way to ensure compliance. Industrial and commercial vacuuming and jetting services clear catch basins and proprietary units of liquids, solids, and sludge that can lead to improper function of stormwater systems.

    At AQUALIS, we are committed to providing our clients with cutting edge technology to best serve individual stormwater maintenance and repair needs. This innovative and comprehensive approach sets us apart as THE nationwide industry leader in stormwater management.

    Cleaning + Clearing

    Maintaining systems is often a responsibility left for property owners and managers. While identifying areas of concern that occur above ground can be relatively simple, underground problems can be more challenging. If you are uncertain whether your systems need industrial and commercial vacuuming and jetting services, AQUALIS can diagnose problems and propose solutions through CCTV inspections .

    Types of Cleaning

    Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Services

    Vacuum truck services, also referred to as Vactor or Vac services, is the process of removing dirt and debris by utilizing suction techniques. The use of industrial vacuuming services proves to be beneficial at excavating sediment and debris in a non-destructive, more concise method, compared to other mechanisms and can also be useful in locating underground systems.

    Underground and subsurface stormwater management systems benefit from the use of industrial and commercial vacuum services by lessening time constraints and safety risks associated with debris removal. Vacuuming services can be beneficial when there is a liquid, solid, or sludge compromising the function of a stormwater system.


    Jetting is a stormwater maintenance method that utilizes concentrated blasts of high-pressure water to clear and clean clogged or slow draining pipelines from debris. Buildup of elements such as leaves, dirt, sediment, or trash, over time are the typical causes of blockage in and around system facilities. Jetting is often a preferred method of pipeline cleansing or blockage removal because it is environmentally friendly and does not require the use of any chemicals. Instances when Jetting can be beneficial include:

    • Debris Removal
    • Blockage or Buildup in Stormwater System
    • Restoring System Flow Performance
    • System Cleaning

    Stormwater Management 101

    Owners and property managers are legally responsible for ensuring that stormwater facilities installed on or under their property are properly maintained and continually function as they were designed. Learn more about the basics of stormwater management in this whitepaper.



      Local governments and commercial property owners face an unprecedented period when it comes to budget cuts and resource allocation for stormwater management during a global pandemic. When major rehabs and repairs may not be in the budget for property owners, this webinar will present solutions that can extend the life cycle of your Stormwater Control […]

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